About Us

eJoist is a social collaboration network created by contractors for the construction industry.

In a building, a joist is the member that supports and connects other members. eJoist is an electronic joist- supporting the bidding process, and connecting companies to other companies.

Jennifer Reese

eJoist Visionary and Co-founder

Stacks of paper and hours “spreading” trade bids were the most motivating thoughts behind the first concepts for eJoist.  Jennifer Reese, eJoist visionary and co-founder, first started brain-storming solutions to everyday bidding problems while on the supply chain team of a large homebuilder called Lennar.  In 2005, Jennifer was challenged with transitioning homebuilding divisions from paper distribution of plans and project documents to digital throughout Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona.  While the tools being introduced at the time were a big step, the leap didn’t solve many other obvious lacks in efficiency.

In 2007, Jennifer married and combined her construction experience and her husband’s paint knowledge to form a commercial paint contracting business.  Unaware of the coming economic downturn, their business struggled, as many did, but made it through the worst times and still operates today.  As a subcontractor, Jennifer was reminded of the construction industry’s need for technological progress.

eJoist is the solution to every day bidding problems;

  • Less time on the phone reviewing scope.
  • Less faxing (does anyone still have a fax machine?)
  • Less email
  • Less repetitive tasks
  • Less paper
  • Less time preparing invitations to bid