How To Create An Invitation To Bid

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How To Create A Bid Invitation

So, you've created your project and now need to invite contractors to bid on work? In this article we will teach you how to create and share a bid package aka- your invitation to bid- with contractors on eJoist. 

Before you can invite contractors to bid on your opportunity, you must create a project. The project information you add, such a location, while creating the project will be copied across all the project’s bid packages. Then, to invite contractors to bid, all you need to do is create one or more bid packages! eJoist automatically sorts bids you receive by trade and bid package, so you can put as many or as few trades into one package as you wish! See how to create a bid package below.

How To Create A Bid Package Via the Bid Packages Page

1. Navigate to the Bid Packages page using the side menu options. 

2. When on the Bids Package page click the Create Bid Package button. 

3. Select the project you want to create a bid package for from the drop down list.

3. Input all necessary bid package information into the form and click “Save” to share the bid package instantly with matching contractors! Bada bing, bada boom- you’re all done!


  • Visible To:
    •  If you want to limit the amount of people who are able to bid on your package, then select “Connections Only.”  It can be changed later to eJoist General later if needed on the edit bid package screen.
  • Trades Needed:
    • You can add multiple trades to one bid package and we will sort bids by trade for you.
    • We suggest adding trades with the same bid due date into one bid packag

How Your Bid Package will Appear to Contractors

Additional Ways To Create A Bid Invitation

You can create a bid package by clicking Create Bid Package on the Project Dashboard.


You can create a bid package by clicking “Save and Create Bid Package” at the bottom of the Create Project page.

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