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How To Invite Other Contractors to Use eJoist

We know that relationships are everything in construction. We also know that time is money, so we combined two steps, inviting and connecting, into one. Now, when a company accepts your invitation to join eJoist- their company will automatically become connected to yours. Time saved AND relationships maintained?! You’re welcome! 

1. On your Dashboard, click the INVITE A COMPANY NOW button. 

2. Then, when prompted, enter the email addresses of the people you’d like to invite. You can also copy and paste a list, even from an excel sheet. 


When all emails have been entered, press SEND. 

A list of all companies previously invited to join and connect is visible on your Company Connections page under the Requests Tab. 

When a company accepts your request to connect, it will be listed on the Connections tab of your Company Connections page. 

Another Way To Invite

You can also invite companies to join eJoist and connect by clicking the INVITE A COMPANY TO JOIN EJOIST button and following the same steps as above. 

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