How-To Get Bids Apples To Apples Using eJoist

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How To Get Bids Apples To Apples

Historically, getting bids apples to apples has been a pretty long process. Now, with eJoist it doesn’t need to be. Quickly review the bid you receive from your subs, use their items to compile a template, and send it to your bidders! BOOM- done! Learn how here.

The Steps

1. First, navigate to your BIDS RECEIVED page either from your dashboard or side menu. Then, select the project from the drop-down list.

*Hint: you can see the amount of bids received for that project to the right of the project name in the drop-down list.

2. Then, find the bid package and trade for which you would like to create an apples to apples template.

To view bids: 

  1. Click the GREEN PLUS BUTTON to expand the desired section. 
  2. Click on the BID AMOUNT to view each estimate. 
  3. If you decide that you would not like to invite that company to revise their bid to match your template, then close the estimate and select REJECT from the drop down in the column on the right*. 


*All companies that bid on the bid package are automatically invited to revise their original bid to match your template unless you reject their bid.




3. Once you’ve select all companies to invite, click the green BUILD TEMPLATE  button.

4.  ADD items from the list on the left to your template on the right. 

  • All items from bids selected for review are in the list on the left. Click items from the list on the left and then click the add button to move them to your template on the right.
    • You can edit line items once they’re added to your template.
    • OR create your own. 

5. *Optional step: Add a message for your bidders in the “Notes To Bidders” section.  This note will be displayed on your template for bidder to see. It is a good spot to ask for break outs or explain changes!

6. Select the final bid due date. Contractors can only submit their final bid on or before your final bid due date.

6. When your template is finalized- click SEND. The companies you invited will receive a “Revision Request” notification. They can choose to accept the revision request and update their bid amount to match, or ignore it and not get their bid apples to apples. 

6. A green check mark in the Apples to Apples column means that company has updated their bid amount to match your template items.

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