How To Submit A Bid on Ejoist

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How To Submit a Bid on eJoist

Not only can you find opportunities to bid on eJoist, but you can also send bids through our platform in a few simple steps! Use this guide to get you started bidding- and winning- faster through eJoist today.

1. Open the invitation to bid by clicking on the bid package name. Bid invitations can be found on your DASHBOARD and in the OPPORTUNITIES section. 

2. Then, click the FOLLOW PROJECT button on the right side of the screen. Click YES to confirm you’d like to follow the project.

3.When ready to send a bid through eJoist, click the SUBMIT BID button. Your company must be following the project in order to submit a bid through eJoist.

4. Select the trade you’re submitting a bid for. Then, enter your line items, their type, and the bid amount. Breaking out the price of line items is optional. 

5. When your bid is finished just click SEND! The inviting company will be notified that they have a new bid. 

  • If you still need time to finish it later- click SAVE. You can find your saved bids on the Bids Submitted screen.
  • You can also make edits to bids you’ve already sent via the bids submitted screen.


How To Finish And Send A Saved Bid

If you have previously started a bid, but didn’t finish it- follow these simple steps to complete your bid!

1. Navigate to the BIDS SUBMITTED PAGE and find the project your company is bidding on. Click the EDIT BID button on the right side of the screen to view your latest bid draft.

2. Enter all necessary bid information, and when ready click SEND. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

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