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Needing to make changes to a bid that you’ve already sent? Or need to finish a draft that you’ve started? Learn how to do those two tasks here. 

How To Update Or Finish a Bid

To finish a bid you’ve started or to update one you’ve already sent, follow the steps below. Helpful tip: use the search bar above the table on the Bid Opportunities pages to show results based on company, city, or due date.

Note: Our system does not currently support bid versioning or bid history. Any changes made to your bid will overwrite your old bid. 

1. Go to your Bids Submitted page.  

oppotunities menu option expanded and arrow pointing to the bids submitted option

2. Locate your bid and click the edit button which looks like a pencil.

Helpful tip: enter the bid package name, date, or location into the search bar to narrow down items in the table. 

bid submitted table with arrow pointing to the edit button

4. Enter all modifications and review your estimate.

5. Click the Send Updated Bid button.

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